Welcome to the digital home of Two Mauro!  This is our little place in the inter-webs to share with our family and friends.  Who are we?  A web developer and a middle-school math teacher.  (Nicely paired skills, if you ask me!)  We both love to cook and take pictures, so those are two things you can expect to see on this site.  I’m also a.. crafter, hobbyist, woodworker, tinkerer, homeowner, maker… what’s the word?  Oh heck, why label?  I like to make things!

Back when I was in the Boy Scouts, I earned every available craft badge, and spent my summer camps practically living in the craft lodge with leather working, wood carving, even weaving baskets!  Later, I progressed to wood burning, and recently started down the path of more serious wood working with power tools and lumber yards getting involved.  They say every woodworker finds his or her specialty, and I’m just beginning so I don’t know what that will be yet… I’d like to imagine that down the road I’ll be that retired guy with the wood shop in the garage, making things like furniture, bird houses, doll houses and such for neighbors and local craft fairs.

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