Turkey and Black Bean Enchiladas

You may notice a trend in the recipes I post here – Mexican (or TexMex) and healthy versions of recipes from sites like SkinnyTaste.com. So it shouldn’t be a shock… Read more »

Santa Fe Chicken

In my house, there are a few main cuisines served – Italian, Mexican (more Tex-Mex, technically) and Asian. We also like to keep it fairly healthy so you won’t find… Read more »

$2.15 iPad stand

If you search on the Internet for a $5 iPad stand, you’ll find several variations of a block of wood with a slot cut into it. I had some scraps… Read more »

Wood-turned Pens Part 2

After learning how to turn pens from blocks of wood at a local show, my friend invested in the tools to make them at his house and has invited me… Read more »

Introduction to Pen Turning

This year I went to the local woodworking show, where tool manufacturers, local wood clubs and a woodworking magazine take over an expo center for the weekend to talk about… Read more »

Fractions and Decimals

Just a handy chart showing common fractions used in woodworking, and their decimal equivalents. There is also a downloadable version available if you prefer.

Tex-Mex Lasagna

Everyone knows lasagna was invented by the Italians… but what if it were invented in the south-west United States, home of the Tex-Mex cuisine?  I had this variation at the… Read more »