Railing Planters

When we lived in a townhouse, there was no place to really garden effectively. Once we moved to a real house, I discovered a whole new side of my wife that was previously dormant – she loved to garden! That meant not only upgrading and renovating the flowering shrubs out front, but also setting up railing planters on the back deck.

At first, we used plastic planters from the garden center, but once I got started with the woodworking hobby I decided to use the chance to make something useful, but forgiving of unrefined techniques. If the joints on a planter aren’t perfect, you call it drainage!

I used pressure treated wood because we don’t plan to grow herbs or anything edible in them (the pressure treating chemical is poisonous). Because the planters will be filled with dirt and water, I chose pressure treated to hold up to the moisture so it wouldn’t rot out in a few years. Here’s a preview of the planter… next step (after I assemble the 2nd one) is to stain them a honey color and attach some decorations. I’ll add an updated picture when I finish them.