Santa Fe Chicken

In my house, there are a few main cuisines served – Italian, Mexican (more Tex-Mex, technically) and Asian. We also like to keep it fairly healthy so you won’t find a lot of fried or greasy meals. One of our favorite sites for recipes is SkinnyTaste, where she posts healthy recipes that either she came up with herself, or adjusted to make a healthier version. Among the frequent recipes we use from SkinnyTaste is Santa Fe Chicken. The same recipe can be done in a crock pot (4 – 10 hours depending on temperature) or as little as roughly 40 minutes in an Instant Pot. (25 minutes at pressure, plus about 15 to warm up)

The recipe is at, and whether you cook it quickly or all day, the end result is a shredded chicken with veggies and sauce that goes great over your favorite grain, wrapped in a tortilla, or just by the bowl with some chips and cheddar cheese on top!

What we love about this recipe is that the only prep work you need to do is sear the chicken breasts (we do it in a frying pan rather than the Instant Pot because the pan gets a hotter sear. Searing really isn’t necessary but we find it adds a nice flavor) and chop up some scallions if you like. Past that, its just dumping a few cans of veggies and a few spoons of spice, and sit back while it cooks! Then just shred the chicken with a fork, and stir it back into the sauce. VERY simple, and tastes amazing.