Instant Pot Moroccan Chicken Tagine

We recently purchased the Instant Pot, after everyone at both of our workplaces was saying how wonderful they are for speeding up meal prep. With our schedules that’s big… plus we found it on sale, had some store coupons, etc and picked it up for a song! 😀

Anyway… we tried a few recipes that ended up being fairly bland and unimpressive, but this one over at Mediterranean Living was great! I’m by no means an expert in Moroccan cuisine, so I can’t vouch for its authenticity. I just know I’m definitely looking forward to making it again.

The chicken was tender, and despite not adding much liquid to the recipe for a sauce, there was a surprising amount of sauce in the pot after cooking. We used low sodium green olives with pimientos (which we left whole), and only a little over a cup and a half, but still found it a bit salty. Next time I’d slice the olives, cut it down to a cup, and omit the teaspoon of salt from the sauce. There’s plenty in the olives!

Other than that, all I can say is “wow”. We served it over rice, but it would be wonderful over pasta or a loaf of bread, naan or whatever grain you prefer. (Probably great with farro or orzo as well)