Category: Woodworking

$2.15 iPad stand

If you search on the Internet for a $5 iPad stand, you’ll find several variations of a block of wood with a slot cut into it. I had some scraps… Read more »

Wood-turned Pens Part 2

After learning how to turn pens from blocks of wood at a local show, my friend invested in the tools to make them at his house and has invited me… Read more »

Introduction to Pen Turning

This year I went to the local woodworking show, where tool manufacturers, local wood clubs and a woodworking magazine take over an expo center for the weekend to talk about… Read more »

Fractions and Decimals

Just a handy chart showing common fractions used in woodworking, and their decimal equivalents. There is also a downloadable version available if you prefer.

Folding garage workbench

Okay… slow going in the woodworking department at my house.  I built the basement workbench a while back, then realized that if I was going to be working with tools… Read more »

Railing Planters

When we lived in a townhouse, there was no place to really garden effectively. Once we moved to a real house, I discovered a whole new side of my wife… Read more »

Sizing of dimensional lumber

A beginner woodworker would (rationally) assume that a 2×4 board is 2 inches by 4 inches, and base resulting plans or measurements on that. ¬†As much sense as it might… Read more »